Saturday, July 21, 2012

In and Out Internet

Saturday was an uneventful day at work other than the appearance of my new 'Anti-midge Hat'.  I saw these for sale in the shop that sells everything, and as they proudly boasted being 'NATO Approved' on the bag decided that was good enough for me.  There is a pic below where it becomes apparent the 'Anti-midge Hat' is in fact just a mesh bag, maybe it even had oranges in once who knows?  It certainly works, with it on you can watch and sneer at armies of midges amassing outside it, inches from your face but totally impotent, ha!  The flaw comes when you want to do something, like do some work, and realise you cannot see properly, hardly at all in fact.  Still if just sitting motionless outside doing nothing in particular is what you have in mind I suppose its a great buy! 
I have found out how to resize images on this new laptop, using Microsoft Office Picture Manager, whatever that is.  And today the Internet is back in Scotland, yesterday it was on holiday or strike, we are never sure, but today it is back so I will attempt to upload more of my backlog of Scotland pics..... before it goes off again!
I cannot wait to see how they load all those logs onto that little boat!
House prices are very low in Scotland.

The village shop/post office/cafe/vets/garage/video store

Ferry to the isles

Hooded crow (Corvus cornix) a special Scottish bird
The Midge Hat, works but I best not wear it in the Co-op! They might summon a SWAT team, and I be knocked to the floor, my Maris Pipers rolling everywhere.

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