Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A While In Argyll

After a week of no Internet access up here in the Outlands of Remotia Scotia I am finally back online with a new shiny laptop, hurrah!  It was a week that brought the bird sightings list up into the 60s, and the insect bitings list into double figures.  I have now been bitten by every genera of fly in the book, quite a collection of attractive red weals on my hands, arms, and face.  Any patch of skin that is exposed for more than a few seconds in fact is likely to be bitten, which makes answering a call of nature a fraught affair!  Rather than try and remember what has happened this week I will simply post some of the pictures and let them tell the story...
The view from the kitchen window of Loch Fyne

Gannets dive-feeding in the Loch, taken from the veranda while having a sundowner.

Logging is a major source of employment.

Multicoloured lichens grow everywhere in amazing shapes and forms

Me, hard at work at a vantage-point!

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  1. Very nice pictures! I like foxgloves)? my favourite colour*