Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Last Post from Scotland

A few more pictures from Scotland as this sojourn draws to a close.  The auld country is seeing us out in typical style.  While England basks in sunshine up here there is only rain.  True it sometimes slows to a mere downpour, but it soon becomes torrential again, with the roads more like rivers and aquaplaning a popular and unavoidable past-time!

Actually it does stop sometimes, that’s when the midges come out to play.  Only the size of a pinhead they are undetectable until they have been and gone, leaving a red spot on your arm that feels like a tarantula has bitten it.  Occassionally though it both forgets to rain and the midges go to sleep off their meals at the same time.  At such times as this Scotland is a beautiful place, with spectacular scenery and wonderful wildlife…..
Loch Fyne at 5 a.m.

The 'Paps of Jura', perhaps a less exciting photo than its name suggests!

A family of swans preen after a good Scottish downpour at Tarbert Harbour

Machrinash Bird Observatory, one of the best I have been to....

Microwave, kettle, fridge, laminate floor, and electric heating, are you listening Spurn!

And no sign of Paul McCartney or his marauding pipers!

Gannets on the move...

Marvelous birds!

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